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2021 Human Rights Day

On December 9th 2021, we commemorate the anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in our annual celebration of “Human Rights Day” organized by Settlement Workers in Schools Program of TNO. It was a very meaningful virtual event attended by TNO staff, community members and newcomer students from Overland Learning Centre who had the opportunity to reflect about the importance to know, protect and promote human rights as part of our Canadian identity.

We had the opportunity to listen to our CEO Ahmed Hussein and we were privileged to have The Honourable Rob Oliphant MP Member of the Parliament of Don Valley West and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs as our main speaker who shared a very inspiring message inviting us to reflect on the achievements we have made and the challenges we face in the building of a more inclusive society.

A great presentation by Overland Learning Centre students was presented by Salima Satani who shared her experience about human rights education with adult ESL learners. Spoken words by Shahadda Jack from East York Collegiate- TDSB and music by Zi Wang from Senator O’Connor College School – TCDSB were part of the program.

A meaningful commemoration organized by: Wendy Hernandez, Slavica Simic, Fawzia Haji, Rumana Islam, Paula Veloso, Nova Avedian, Mathura Thiagarajah and Cesar Peralta.

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